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Family Life Assurance Guide

If you need further clarification on any of the following or need advice on your particular circumstances please click here Advice.

What do we mean by Family Protection?

Generally speaking, this is providing protection against the financial consequences of premature death for a surviving spouse/dependent children through a life assurance policy. Protection against the financial consequences of a critical illness is also an important part of family protection.

Types of Plans

Depending on your needs, the following main types of policies can be used for family protection:

Level Term Assurance

Whole of Life Assurance

Critical Illness Assurance (for critical illness only)

There are different types of level term assurance such as convertible term assurance and renewable term assurance. Please see Glossary for further details. There are also different types of whole of life policies and critical illness plans. Some life assurance policies can include critical illness. You should seek advice on the types and benefits available before going ahead to ensure that the plan chosen meets your needs.

  • What level of cover do you need ?
  • This will depend on cost, and your circumstances and objectives. The first stage of this exercise is to establish what is already in place. The following questions should provide some guidance as to the issues which you need to consider:
    • What financial liabilities are not covered by life assurance, such as a mortgage, bank loans, overdrafts etc?
    • If you are employed, does your employer provide death in service benefits? Are you a member of the scheme? What is the sum assured?
    • What is the value of any existing life assurance policies, savings and investments?
    • What State benefits would your dependants be entitled to?
    • If you have a Personal Pension, what is the death benefit of the plan and to whom is it payable?
    • Have you made a will to ensure that your estate passes in accordance with your wishes?
    • After paying off any liabilities, what level of income would you dependants need to sustain their standard of living?
    • Do you plan to send your children to public school? What level of fees would your dependants need to cover and when would they become payable? This may also be relevant if your children need funding for higher education.
    • How many years are left before your children cease to be financially dependant?
    • How many years are left before you retire and receive your pension income?
    • If you are a member of an occupational pension scheme, what benefits does the scheme provide for your dependants in the event of death before retirement and in retirement?

The questions raised above are not intended to be exhaustive. The issues which need addressing will depend on your particular circumstances. They can, however, be a useful guide to arriving at the level of income and capital which could be available to a dependant(s), and identify where additional income/capital might be needed.

The next stage is to decide what capital/income is required to ensure that dependants are covered in line with your objectives. One needs to decide on what basis the figures should be calculated and what type(s) of plan would be the most suitable.

As can be seen from these issues, this is a complex exercise, and one in which you should seek professional help from an independent financial adviser. If you need help in this please click here Advice.

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