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For your guidance and help in completing the quote form please read the following information on income protection insurance. You can request the quote form at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

Income Protection Insurance Plans

How do they work?

Income Protection Insurance is designed to provide you with a regular income when your normal income has been lost due to illness or disability. To help you understand how the plans work and what general options are available further details are shown below.

What income can you insure?

Your Income Protection Insurance Plan is set up to insure a percentage of your annual income. Normally this is 50%-65% of your employment income. The amounts vary between different insurance companies. Under current legislation (as of June 2010), payments are made to you free of personal income tax.

If you are self employed your employment income is your trading profits for the last tax year. If you are employed, your insurable income is your annual salary plus benefits in kind. If you are a director of a close company, the company take out the plan and insure part of your dividend payments, if these have been paid on a regular basis and company pension contributions.

The deferred payment period

The Income Protection Insurance Plan is set up with a deferred period for payment of income. This means that in the event of a claim, there is a waiting period before payments can start. Normally this period is 4, 8, 13, 26 and 52 weeks. The deferred period you choose is the period of time during which you consider that you can meet your income needs from other sources such as savings. The longer the deferred period of the plan the lower the monthly premium cost.

Guaranteed or reviewable premiums?

The Income Protection Insurance Plan can also be set up with either guaranteed premiums or reviewable premiums. If the monthly premium is set up as guaranteed then it will not increase during the period of the plan, irrespective of any claims you might have made. If you choose reviewable premiums then these are reviewed by the insurance company, normally every 5 years. They are reviewed on the basis of claims experience in the UK market and not on any claims you might have made.

Level or indexed premiums?

The plan can also be set up to provide either a level monthly income or an increasing income (indexed). If the plan is set up to provide an increasing income this means that the insured monthly income payments will increase each year on the anniversary of the plan either by the Retail Price Index (RPI) or a fixed percentage, usually 5%. Monthly premiums will also increase each year by the index option you have chosen.

Term of years

The plan is set up to run for a number of specified number of years which you choose at the time of application. Normally your plan would be set up to run up to your planned retirement date but shorter periods can be chosen depending on your circumstances.

Income Protection Insurance Plans


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